Crowd-funding Deals

Global Domination provides a wide variety of services and can support any sort of fundraising style. Listed below are several types of deals and related services that we offer.

Deal Types

1. Start-ups

Global Domination Funding Program

Price: $100/month recurring

Service: GD helps you raise funding. The program includes support on preparing your business for funding, preparing the investor documents, and preparing the campaign. Global Domination will showcase your deal to its investors.


2. Caribbean Global Domination Crowd-funding Portal

Price: 10% of funds raised with $100/month for preparing the raise

Service: Global Domination supports an entrepreneur’s Caribbean Crowd-funding campaign through its Crowd-funding portal, campaign planning & support, investor access and online display of your deal. GD provides the portal and the relevant regulation compliance.


3. Growth

Revenue-based Funding Raise

Price: $500 one-time fee + facilities management after funding

Service: Global Domination leads your fund raising efforts with its revenue based funding. We provide CFO analysis; deal structuring, investor search and introductions. For smaller deals, clients can run a crowd-funding campaign.


4. Investor Relations

Global Domination Advisory

Price: $75/month and an equity share

Service: GD matches your company to an advisor who can help provide strategy, revenue traction, team building, and more.