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Website Launch: As part of our commitment to providing the best platform for entrepreneurs and investors, we have decided to build a website that suits that purpose in all efficiency.

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Global Domination  is the Caribbean’s largest fintech start-up offering a portfolio of investment crowd-funding solutions including peer-to-peer (p2p, peer to business (p2b) lending and Equity Crowd-funding. It is the Caribbean’s premier online marketplace for alternative finance. 


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In addition to fund raising, GD through its consulting agency provides consulting services including accounting, bookkeeping, fractional sales, fractional CFO, marketing, and social media services.

GD can help you raise equity, revenue-based funding, debt, equipment financing, factoring, and more. We primarily focus on equity and revenue-based funding raises but can also help you find other types of funding.

We are in our first year of operation and are unable to measure our success as yet. However, we aim to have at least one out of every three participant who go through the full program to receive funding.

The time it takes to raise funding varies greatly. Companies can receive funding after one week and some can take more than a year. We endeavour for companies to take an average of 7 months.  The factors though that determine the fund raise timeframe include: how complete your business is (market validation, team and sales are key criteria), how well you run prepare your documents and run your campaign, and how well you follow up investor prospects.

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– Important Notice!

“Global Domination is currently in pre-launch status while the equity crowd-funding regulations and approval are being finalized by the various securities regulatory agencies in the Caribbean. Once the equity crowd-funding regulations are finalized by the regulatory agencies, Global Domination will be positioned to become the Caribbean’s first equity crowd-funding portal, platform, site, and website that will allow start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses in the Caribbean to raise seed and start-up capital for their company through crowd-fund investing. Accredited and non-accredited investors, as part of the crowd, will provide start-up funding and early-stage investments to some of the Caribbean’s best start-ups and small businesses, in exchange for an equity share in their company.”

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