Global Dominations Consultancy Services

Financial Plan – 5 Year Financial Projections and Additional Analysis as needed

Accounting – Setup and Audits, Tax Reports, Bookkeeping, Forecasting, Monthly Reports

Bookkeeping – Accounts payable (bills and payments), Accounts Receivable (invoices and collection), Bank Account and Credit Card Reconciliation, Sales Tax Tracking, Payroll Integration, Coordinating with your CPA or Tax Adviser

Strategic Marketing – Growth Strategy Development, Market Positioning and Competitive Analysis, Go-to-Market Strategies, Sales Program Development, Marketing Program Development

Sales Marketing – Lead generation, Sales Follow-up & Closing, Sales Funnel, Reporting

Crowdfunding Campaign Strategy – Review and Design Business Plan, Produce Video (with scripts and models if needed), Write Campaign Copy, Design Message

IT Services – Technical Support, Network Design & Setup, Infrastructure Assessment

Website Design & Development – Website and graphic design, Market Research, Product Requirements, Specification development

HR Services – Recruiting Talent, Design Benefits Program, Workforce Planning, Risk & Compliance