About Us

Global Domination is the Caribbean’s largest financial technology (fintech) start-up offering a portfolio of investment crowd-funding solutions including peer-to-peer (p2p) , peer to business (p2b) lending and Equity Crowd-funding. It is the Caribbean’s first and largest online marketplace for alternative finance. Our mission is to build a strong and vibrant start-up ecosystem for in the Caribbean. Our platforms are decide to provide Start-ups, SMEs and consumers a fast, safe and secure mode to access lower cost finance to grow their business and have financial stability while investors should have direct access to alternative asset classes that can generate higher returns in an environment where risks are shared.

We are continuously building a team at Global Domination that is passionate about bringing a smarter finance solution to the Caribbean, facilitating connections between investors and the business community, and building mutually beneficial partnerships for economic growth.

We desire to always have a committed and dynamic team of individuals who possess a wealth of experience of financial markets and technological innovation, both in the Caribbean and internationally.


– Board Members

Global Domination Capital is governed by a five (5) member Board of Directors for a period of 2 years.The Board is responsible for the overall governance of Global Domination. It develops strategy, provides advice and guidance on aspects of the business model and provides support for business development.

– Staff

Director- Credit and Risk

The Director of Credit and Risk is responsible for all operational matters and heads up credit and risk. She is also a key member in launching Global Domination’s new products and the Group’s regional expansion.

She posses an MBA, has held senior management position in commercial banks.


She is responsible for all financial matters at Global Domination. She helps start-ups and growth companies with their sales and financial planning

Client Relations and Marketer

The Client Relations and Marketer is responsible for the day to day communication and management of all clients’ accounts. He publishes articles and other content for weekly mailers.


Auditing and Accounting:


I.T. Solutions